Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs control eliminates bed bugs and helps you sleep safely and healthily. These pests typically hide in beds and furniture. They feed on the warm blood of humans and animals so they attack you when you are the most vulnerable – in your sleep. Bed bugs take only 35 days to mature and they live up to 12 months. Without professional bed bug control, you won’t be able to get rid of bed bugs.


Effective Pest Control provides beg bug treatment in Regina under the most beneficial conditions. We are available 365 days a year so you can call us anytime and we will remove all bed bugs from your home efficiently.

How We Remove Bed Bugs

Site Inspection Regina pest Control - Effective Pest Control

Site Inspection

Utilizing advanced tools and equipment, we will detect bed bugs in your house. Knowing where pests reside will help us focus on the most critical areas and remove them from your house effectively.

Bed bug Removal Regina


We use non-toxic products and powerful tools to eliminate bed bugs from your beds and furniture. Our professional pest control team will double-check all the treated places and leave none behind.

Bed Bugs Control Treatment in Regina

Ongoing Bed Bug Treatment

You need ongoing bed bug control in Regina to ensure these pests stay away from your house. We will give you prevention tips and advice that will reduce the chances of bed bugs returning. However, you will still need an expert bed control to examine your home and ensure it’s free of pests.

Bed Bugs Removal Regina

When You Should Book a Professional Bed Bug Treatment?

You should request our bed bug treatment as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs at your house. Some of the signs of bed bugs:

Bloodstains on your pillowcase, sheets, and pajamas

Dark spots of excrement on your bedding

Fecal stains shed skins, or eggshells on the mattress and other furniture

Bed bugs bite. They will bite you, your family members, and your pets whenever they can. 

The following signs could also indicate that you are a victim of bed bug bites:

Your skin is itching or burning

You have red, raised welts

Skin rashes

You have straight lines on your skin caused by multiple bites

The longer you go without bed bugs control in Regina, the worse these signs will become. You need to act URGENTLY as soon as you notice the first sign. Call Effective Pest Control and we will remove bed bugs from your house professionally.



Bed bugs will not noticeably harm your furniture; you will not bump into them at night like cockroaches; they will not make noises like rodents and they will not feed on your food. However, bed bugs will feed on you. 

Bed bug bites can cause severe reactions that could harm your health.

Common consequences of bed bug bites

Skin infection from scratches

Since bed bugs will bite you in your sleep, you will start scratching uncontrollably. Thus, you can open flesh wounds that bacteria and germs can enter. That can lead to a skin infection that requires further treatment. The more you leave the infection untreated, the worse it can become.

Allergic reactions

You can have a serious, even life-threatening reaction if you are allergic to the bed bug bite. One of those reactions is an anaphylactic shock; an extreme allergic reaction that causes chest tightness, wheezing, lip or tongue swelling, and itching, among others. People with hypersensitivity to insect stings and bites could experience anaphylactic shock.

Sleep deprivation

Unbearable itching and skin irritation, as well as the thought that bugs are biting you when you sleep, can make you lose sleep and become sleep deprived. With the lack of sleep, you will be less focused during the day, physically and mentally tired and it can affect your health in many ways. You can even lose appetite and be easily-irritated. Thus, there could be more fights with your close people, coworkers and generally, your mood will be bad because you won’t be able to function properly.


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