Seeing centipedes outdoor or indoor can be quite disturbing, especially if you know that these pests can also bite. Our centipede removal eliminates centipedes efficiently so you can order our service in Regina and stop worrying about the centipedes. Centipede service at Effective Pest Control is available at all times. You can give us a quick call and book the centipede removal in Regina. We will send our team to your location and resolve all the centipede problems for you.


Centipedes are nocturnal predators that hunt down insects, especially spiders. They are 2-3 inches long, their colors vary from yellowish to dark brown. Centipedes have segmented bodies and each segment has one pair of legs, which helps them move quickly. They live in moist areas; outdoors, you can often see them beneath items in contact with soil and landscape mulch. Indoors, centipedes live around windows and doorways, on the walls, garages, basement, bathroom, and other rooms. 

Effective Pest Control offers modern solutions to all pest problems. We will eliminate centipedes from your environment safely and precisely!

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Our Regina centipede elimination includes:

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Site Inspection

Since centipedes are nocturnal creatures, you won’t see them so often, which doesn’t mean they are not there. These pests are just waiting for the right time to come out. For our professional team, that’s not a problem! We will examine your property indoors and outdoors and find the potential entry points for centipedes.

Centipede Removal​, Regina SK


High-quality products and special equipment will assist our technicians in centipede removal. We will eliminate centipedes from your house and seal all the entry points so new pests don’t come in.

Commercial Pest control in Regina, Saskatchewan


Products and materials that we use are safe for you and everyone around you. Whether you request our commercial or residential centipede removal, you can be sure that nobody will feel the consequences of our works, apart from pests! By using effective products, we will make your house resistant to centipedes.

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Ongoing Service

All types of pest control services require regular checkups. To keep your environment safe, we will schedule monthly, seasonal or yearly checkups, as per our agreement.

Are Centipedes Aggressive?

House centipede is the most common type of these insects found in many homes in Regina. In fact, it’s the only known species that reproduce in homes. Typically, the house centipede is not aggressive. They mostly retreat from danger when facing humans. However, if the centipede feels threatened, it can bite. Luckily, the consequences of these bites are not too serious. They include swelling and slight pain. Dogs and cats have the same reactions to centipede bites. 

Giant desert centipede is a type of centipede that you could possibly come across outdoors, although they are uncommon in Regina. It is 8-10 inches long and more aggressive than the house centipede. In case the giant desert centipede bites you, you could experience inflammation, intense pain, swelling, and redness. If you are more sensitive to the venom of the centipede, you could also experience headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.

Why Choose Effective Pest Control?

We are an experienced, licensed, and insured team that specializes in most pest control services. Effective Pest Control is a reliable company with an impeccable reputation in Regina. Centipede control is a service that not many companies offer. To provide end-to-end pest services, we created an extensive centipede removal service. By hiring Effective Pest Control, you will get:

Reliable pest control partner

Affordable centipede removal

Fast pest control services

Long-lasting solutions

Prevention and sanitation advice


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