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    Getting in touch with the Effective Pest Control team is extremely easy. We are very dedicated to our clients so you can contact us on-site, by phone, or email. You can fill the form below and our customer service will get back to you soon. Please include all the details you may have related to your pest-related issues. We will use the provided information to create the pest control plan even before visiting you. Therefore, we will know what kind of equipment we may need and what products we should bring.

    Don’t Wait to Book Pest Control Services

    Speed is crucial when it comes to pest control. Every day you take without calling us gives pests more time to spread.

    You cannot wait! You need to call Effective Pest Control as soon as you notice the first signs of pests in your property. Those could be droppings, gnaw marks, noises, blood marks, and any other unusual signs. Ignoring those signs will not make pests disappear. On the contrary, they will keep spreading and the problem will become bigger.

    Contact - Regina Effective Pest Control - Removal and Ongoing Service

    Effective Pest Control - Removal and Ongoing Service

    Effective Pest Control offers different pest control programs. You can choose the ones that you find the most suitable for your situation. To provide the best plan for you, you must get in touch with our customer service. 

    Typically, our clients call us to eliminate pests from their properties first. When we complete our task successfully, we offer an ongoing service based on the circumstances related to your property. Scheduling regular pest control in Regina is a cost-effective, smart strategy to keep pests away. It will cost you less to ensure pests don’t come back than having to remove nests all over again after some time. Our pest removals have long-lasting effects but they cannot be permanent. After a while, pests will be attracted to your house again. The only way to avoid that from happening is our maintenance service that you can book in Regina.

    Contact us with all your questions and inquiries. Our customer service center will get back to you shortly. 

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