Wasp nest removal is an exclusive Effective Pest Control service that you can request anywhere in Regina. Due to dangers related to wasp stings, we pay special attention to the development of our wasp control service. You should not try to eliminate a wasp nest without professional help. In case you do, you may put your health at risk. We operate 24/7 so you can call us anytime and we will gladly get rid of wasps in your surroundings. 

Our wasp nest removal is cost-effective, fast, and efficacious. Effective Pest Control is at your service 365 days a year. Call us and we will remove the wasp nest for you quickly!


Effective Pest Control created end-to-end wasp nest removal in Regina. We aim to meet the requirements of all our clients and provide the best service in the region. Our company specializes in nest removals so you should call us anytime you notice wasps imposing danger around your commercial or residential property.

If you are looking for a wasp nest removal near me in Regina, Effective Pest Control will undoubtedly resolve all of your wasp-related problems.  

Our wasp control service includes:

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Site Inspection

Trained and skilled Effective Pest Control team will arrive at your destination fully-dressed in safety suits, equipped with professional tools designed for wasp nest removal. We will check your yard carefully and find the wasp nest.

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Using our advanced tools, we will remove the wasp nest safely, without harming your property. Wasps frequently build nests in house and terrace corners or fences. We will eliminate the wasp nest without harming your belongings.

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Ongoing Service

If you have plants, colorful walls, or outdoor décor, they could attract wasps to come back. To prevent that, you need to book our wasp control regularly. We will keep wasps away from your property, without giving them a chance to build a new nest. Seasonal checkups are very beneficial and cost-effective. Preventing a problem is always more convenient than resolving it after. Effective Pest Control is here for any of those services.


Wasps are territorial and aggressive. Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly with their long stinger. Thus, if you try to remove the wasp nest on your own, you will be a target of a dangerous attack. Several wasps could attack you at once, each one of them stinging multiple times. Such attacks can be fatal, especially for people that are allergic to wasp stings. Hypersensitivity to wasp attacks causes anaphylaxis – a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening.


Wasps are less likely to build a nest indoor. However, they can build nests so close to the windows that they will become the regular guests of your house! You will see them on your food and even in your drinks! The wasp invasion will get out of control if you don’t book a professional pest control service in Regina. 

The Effective Pest Control team will identify the wasp nest that allows pests to get inside your house so easily. Some of the potential places where wasp nests may be:


Window corners

Tree branches

Inside of grills

Porch ceilings

With our Regina wasp removal, we can reach any place and eliminate the wasp nests successfully! 

Contact us and our insured staff will remove the wasp nest and make sure that you and the people around you don’t suffer any wasp attacks.


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